Neil Tugwell

I contacted Marta due to a re-occurring lower back and shoulder problem. Marta made a knowledgeable assessment of the issues that I was experiencing and then carried out a series of massages that relieved me of the pain I had been in. In addition, she provided me with a series of stretching exercises that I use daily and these are proving to be reliable in keeping the issues away or deal with them swiftly if these show signs of re-emerging. Marta provides a professional, friendly service. Weekend appointments are very beneficial to me with a very busy working week. Highly recommended for any sporting or general muscular pain issues.

Madeleine Bowers

Marta is fantastic. Not only does she give relaxing and stimulating massage treatments, but she offers advice and guidance for maintaining a healthy body. She is thoroughly professional and a real pleasure to visit.

Emily Skinner

Marta is an excellent masseuse with an acute attention to detail. She draws on a vast pool of skills and knowledge, which she gains from continuous training and study, to deliver fantastic massage therapies in a warm and relaxed environment. Whether you are stressed, have a specific complaint or just want to pamper yourself, I recommend Marta as your massage therapist every time!


Marta is fantastic! Through regular pregnancy and post-natal massages, I was able to feel energised and relaxed as my body changed. She is a truly in tune, professional and very skilled therapist.


I have found Marta to be professional, knowledgeable and a very skilled - caring practitioner

Michael McGachy

I feel that Marta’s attention to detail and intuition is a testament to her dedication and vocation

Anna Burszta

Marta always magically helps me with either back and neck pain or calf problems. Her knowledge combined with her passion and sensitive touch makes the whole experience not only extremely relaxing but also very relieving in the long run. I would highly recommend Marta for people of all ages who either need simple relaxation or proper help.

Rob Thomson

Yeah, Marta's great, professional set up, gentle relaxed environment, warm hearted woman, with super strong hands or gentle when needed. She rocks!

Emilia Czekajlo

After Hopi ear candling treatments my senses of taste, smell and hearing returned. Thank you Marta.

Helen Beckingham

I arrived for my massage feeling tired and stressed, with a really sore neck and shoulders. Marta did a fantastic job. By the time I left I was in no pain and had loads of energy.

Rikki Begley

Marta consistently provides high-quality treatment, client support and thorough after-care. Her knowledge, manner and craft are carefully refined, and she is always sensitive to the needs of her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend her!

Matt Barratt

During my long winter training for my first (Brighton) Marathon 2013, it was absolutely essential to have regular sports massages. Without Marta's incredible skill, knowledge and an obvious love of her profession, I don't think I would have made it to the start. Whatever treatment you decide to have you can be assured of a warm and friendly greeting, a wonderfully chilled atmosphere and total relaxation.

Edmund Harris

Marta is amazing. I started coming to see her with recurring back and shoulder problems, and - later - also for relaxation. She is always very attentive and thorough, and considerably skilled. She has a very easy-going, gentle nature and is a total professional, and always gives me follow-up exercises that will make my back easier to deal with! I thoroughly recommend her!

Lori Pinkerton-Rolet

This is more than a massage, it's a therapy which has changed the way my back and neck react on an ongoing basis. Marta has 'laser' fingers and an empathetic and holistic approach. I feel we're working collaboratively for my better health.

Maya Tyler

Unlike many high-street or beauty salon massage therapists, Marta takes a full case history of your body's complaint spots and works in an extremely thorough and targeted way. She also offers ongoing advice for pain reduction between sessions. Every massage with Marta really does underline the difference between 'Meh, that was nice' and 'Wow, that actually worked'. The only trouble now is that I don't want to see anyone else, even if I'm far away from home!

Julie Everton

Marta is a really skilful massage therapist with a lovely, caring manner. The whole atmosphere of equilibrium is calming and  Marta combines an ability to get to the core of my pain, with kind attention.

Jamie Smith

I have lived in Brighton for 10 years and have had massages all over the city to deal with the impact of my daily commute to a desk job in London. But since I discovered Marta I go nowhere else. Whether I am after a relaxing, energising or sports massage it is quite simply the best massage I have found in Brighton.

Emma Welsh

Marta has the gift of healing hands. Her massages exquisitely balance strong, deep pain release with her tender soothing touch. She knows how to get this balance right to give you the massage you need. Marta combines wonderful oil blends with relaxing music, flowers and candles to create a deeply nurturing environment. I always feel that Marta is fully engaged and present with me in every moment of the massage. I recommend her whole-heartedly.

Karen Scott

Marta is, quite frankly, brilliant at her job. Her professionalism, knowledge and skills, affordably priced, result in a unique healing experience. I could not recommend her more highly-she is fantastic!

Michelle Rothwell

Exceptionally good & professional. Brilliant at personalising each massage. I highly recommend Equilibrium.

Paul Noris

Marta provides an incredible service. Her attention to detail, before, during and after is fantastic. Issues with stress and anxiety had left me in a bit of a hole, along with lower back and leg issues leaving me feeling very lethargic. However, after a handful of sessions, tightness was easing in my body and with it the pain, making me more receptive to exercise and in turn relieving my stress and anxiety as I became more active. Marta offers solutions to all sorts of problems but always individual to each person. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!

Jamie Sellers

Marta likes to create the right atmosphere as soon as you walk in, and is sensitive to your particular needs. Whether she is applying pressure or being more gentle, her treatments have always left me in better shape, and I have found them to be a great benefit.


Marta's knowledge of the body goes above and beyond that of your average massage therapist. She is also caring and thoughtful in her work. As a result, Marta is able to provide massage therapy that is tailored to the specific needs of your body. I highly recommend her practice.


After many years of suffering on-going issues with my back and shoulders Marta's managed to find ways to alleviate the pain and tension. She listens intently and uses a wide variety of techniques to assure the best treatment possible. Her passion is inspiring and the breadth of her always developing knowledge is great. I can't emphasise enough how much Marta's treatments contribute to my physical and mental well-being!

Dan Buschle

Having experienced different massages by different professionals over many years, I have to say that Marta's expertise, attention to detail and professionalism is second to none. She provides thorough assessment, works all the spots, muscles and aches meticulously and with finesse and the end result is something of a re-birth without committing to hyperbole. Marta also advises on common strains and stresses, offering advice and practicals on how to avoid these. Highly recommended.

Graham and Vicki

We are both deskbound commuters with the usual related neck, shoulder and back twinges, and have had more specific pains and injuries that Marta has alleviated. She has a knack of finding the precise points that are causing niggles and applies exactly the right amount of pressure during a massage, and suggests exercises to do afterwards that will help loosen muscles and/or aid healing. Marta herself is warm and wonderful and simply makes us feel better. If we could, we'd see her once a week as we always leave feeling more limber, somehow lighter and far more relaxed.


Marta is an excellent practitioner. She has really helped me with neck and shoulder pain - attuning to my individual needs and recommending simple exercises I can do anywhere. She provides a welcoming, relaxing and healing space, balancing clinical expertise with relaxation.


Marta is wonderful as you feel that she really listens and cares about helping you with your problems. Straight away you are made to feel welcome and at ease. The tips she gives you, such as exercises to do at home, are great and you have the confidence they are the right ones for you. I cannot recommend Marta enough as she is truly exceptional and professional at what she does.


I started seeing Marta when I was heavily pregnant and had very swollen feet which made walking extremely painful. After a single session with Marta the swelling was completely gone. Now I have 2 young children and had developed persistent headaches. Again, after a single session, my headaches have gone. Marta is precise, realistic, efficient and sensitive in her therapy. She is communicative and kind, committed, practical and hugely knowledgeable. I am incredibly grateful to her.

Karen Simpson

I am a Sports Therapist myself and very picky about who works on my body. I have been used to a high standard of treatment in London before moving my clinic to Brighton 18 months ago and I have found it very difficult to find a massage therapist who has good training, extensive knowledge of anatomy and the array of soft tissue techniques that I need to keep my body in shape. Marta meets this criteria. We have been working together for 6 months. She is a safe practitioner. She listens and responds well to my needs for each session, concentrates while working, is thorough in her application and is willing to look outside the box to get the best results for you. She is personable, cares about her work and has a great sense of humour. Give her a go, you will feel better for it.